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oakley sunglasses outlet sale One core with a grade of double Palace cocoon made of 'double palace cocoon' is the twins cocoon, because the ordinary single uterine cocoon in the drawn silk was , Is limited by the length and toughness of silk fibers, usually a cocoon can not be pulled to the size of a quilt, so this type of silk is necessary to pass a large number of quilted to fix the quilt core, such silk was used Comfort will be greatly reduced.If there is no quilting thread, the natural tension in the role of silk fibers, a long time, the quilt will have uneven thickness and the phenomenon of compaction.While the silkworm cocoon silk output, Because of its silk fiber elongation, toughness, usually a cocoon can pull the size of the whole bed quilt, no need to add a lot of quilted surface in the quilt, just around the quilt to be fixed, even for a long time, quilt core It will not shift. Non-technology mesh fiber-style manual process flexible fluffy traditional silk was to use a period of time, there will be core displacement, the phenomenon of compaction discount oakley sunglasses

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oakley outlet resulting in greatly reduced comfort. (National patent technology), even if the long-term use, but also to ensure that the core of solid, fluffy and comfortable to reach a shot that is loose, long-term use of the 'loose' series of silk through the network of fiber-style handmade process flexible fluffy technology Hand-made process compared to the ordinary silk was At the same time in the sewing process, we also strive for excellence, smooth pin neat, accurate drop-off With a high quality, so the service life is also very long, in line with the washing, in line with the washing process, to ensure that the core is stable and stable life of up to 20 years of use of a double Palace cocoon silkworm silk as the core, with advanced manual technology, Maintenance requirements under the premise of life up to 20 years.Wu Zixin reserved large detection mouth reserved for the finished product about 70cm mouth, open the quilt after the whole core glance, convenient for inspection, so that consumers understand rest assured. oakley sunglasses outlet store

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cheap oakley sunglasses outlet At the same time, hand-positioning of silk by the body there will be a few fixed points, the rest of the location are not quilted marks.Kelly silk connotation derived from our pursuit of health and comfort from the nature of our desire to know more about the brand information , Please go to the shop for more information. Kelly silk shop Address: Financial Street Shopping Center, three-tier L305 I said I do not love to buy a table, I said I do not often buy a table ... ... 'in Shanghai Bao Po Xintiandi flagship store at the' heart of the ocean ' Global marine public welfare achievements exhibition site, Blancpain brand friend Wu Xiubo in an interview with the media who said frankly. Once in an interview with Sohu fashion interview, he also mentioned that he 'usually not how to spend money, each attending the activities of the clothing is borrowed,' also quoted Einstein's words 'wealth is not the ultimate people happy things , And faith and culture can be inherited. In recent years began to choose vegetarianism oakley sunglasses factory outlet

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