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FX-45 / FC-45: 45-Minute Fire Door Cores

You can build, label and sell 45 minute Fire Doors, including a 45-minute with 1248" of glass, that match your non-rated doors for all projects.

Using FyreWerks cores you can build full radius 45 & 60 minute doors.

With FyreWerks FC-45-minute core you can use MDF or hardwood with a density of 18#’s per cubic foot (Alder, Mahogany) or greater to make virtually any panel configuration.

The drawings in this section highlight a small sample of what you can do using the FyreWerks core in your rated doors.

Size: 1/2" thick x 44" wide x 97" long
Composition: Proprietary core laminated between high density fiberboard skins to allow for easy glue up with standard wood glues.
Machining: Machines easily with standard cutting equipment. Wear eye protection.
Storage: Store in a cool, flat and dry location.
Handling: Wear gloves when handling. Edges can be sharp.

FC-45 Manufacturing Specifications

45 Minute Catagory "A" & "B" Cross Section Drawings
FC-45 Glazing Detail
FC-45 & FC-60 Sample Drawings
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